The Stone Truth – Episode 3 – Mayweather vs. McGregor $$$

Folks, don’t be fooled. All of this back and forth in the media is not for nothing. Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor, Dana White and the UFC are all walking us down the aisle to what will be the fight of the century! Chrystal discusses why she’s convinced this fight will happen and who’s really in control.

The Stone Truth – Episode 2 – Free Charles Oakley – 2/13/17

So much drama in the NYC…it’s kinda hard being Knicks legend Charles Oakley! Why do the Knicks have beef with Oakley? What is it with James Dolan? Chrystal did some digging and discusses what she believes to be source of their beef and what Dolan needs to do to squash it.

The Stone Truth – Episode 1 – Tony Romo – 2/10/17

My first podcast episode! YAY! Go Cowboys!!!

Oh wait…what about Tony Romo? Jerry Jones is conflicted. Tony Romo wants to play. But the Dallas Cowboys belong to Dak Prescott now. Chrystal discusses what Tony Romo’s reasonable options are and what Jerry Jones must ultimately do to move the Cowboys forward.